save money, live in a van and travel the world

VanLife and the Myth of High Cost World Travel

How To Go From #VanLife to Cheap World Travel Bienvenidos from Chile! Dusty and I are still on operation “Travel South America By Bus” and it got me thinking about how we view travel in North America. For most people living in Vans or RVs in the U.S., they think that travel is out of … Read more

Staying Safe While Van Living

Staying Safe While Van Living

Not a fan of armed robbery? Me neither. Before moving into a van full time, I had a big problem with the thought of us being robbed in the night. The city we live in is known for rampant car theft, so naturally, I was concerned. We did our best to prepare ourselves before moving … Read more

How to Shower When You Live in a Van

How to Shower When You Live in a Van

We don’t often tell people about the fact that we live in a van because they usually jump to the conclusion that we are homeless or down on our luck. But when we do bring it up, the number one question we get asked is “How Do You Shower When You Live in a Van?“. … Read more

New to Van Living? Here's 6 Ways Not to Freeze to Death

New to Van Living? Here’s 6 Ways Not to Freeze to Death

We have found that the best way to stay warm when living in a van is to have a small propane heater. This not only keeps us cozy in our vehicle, but it’s portable, doesn’t use up any electricity and best of all…it’s cheap. We are able to keep ourselves nice and toasty for about … Read more

How We Keep Our Valuables Hidden Both At Home and Abroad

How We Keep Our Valuables Hidden Both At Home and Abroad

Bienvenidos from Chile my #VanLife friends! Dusty and I are currently on the road eating, drinking, and exploring South America. We started in Lima Peru on the infamous Gringo Trail and have now traveled all the way down into northern Chile on our way to see the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd. I have decided … Read more

how to keep mice out of your van, rv or skoolie

The Foolproof Way to Keep Mice and Other Pests out of Your Van

Keeping Mice out of Your Van, Skoolie, or RV Nothing says #VanLife like grabbing your box of Ritz crackers in the middle of the night to find the plastic shredded and half of your tasty, butter flavored crackers pre-chewed. No, it’s not your roommate Jim eating your stash. You, my friend, have been visited by … Read more

van life rv life digital nomad portable batteries

Van Living and Portable Power Banks, a Love Story

I’m just going to come right out and say it, I am not a huge fan of spending money. In fact, I hate it. So when it came time to outfit the electrical system in our van, we kept it really simple. While some VanLifers go with big expensive solar set ups, we survive with … Read more

stealth van living 101

Stealth Camping 101

Our #1 choice of living here at is “Stealth Van Living”, which basically means, live in your van without anyone knowing you live in your van Knowing what your Van or RV should look like, where to park, and how to be discreet are all skills that will be vital to your survival. If … Read more

5 reasons why raising a kid in a van is great

5 Reason Why Raising Your Kid in a Van is the Best!

I keep seeing the question “Can I live on the road with a baby?” popping up all over the internet. From Facebook Groups to Google searches, people all over are looking for alternative ways to raise their children. In my opinion, not only is it OK to have a kid while living in a van, … Read more

dealing with sickness while living in a van

Van Life Sickness- What To Do When You Have a Cold or Flu

There is no worse feeling out there than being sick when you live in a van. Whether it’s from a cold, the flu, or a stomach virus, getting over it can feel like a never ending struggle to get your life back. Unfortunately, when you live in a van, all of those sick feelings can … Read more