Stealth Van Living 101

The Art Of Living Well... in a van

How On Earth Did We Get Here?

A few years back, my boyfriend and I came to the conclusion that working our butts off to pay for an expensive apartment was something neither of us wanted to do. So instead, we purchased a 1989 Ford Econoline and hit the road. While there was a huge learning curve involved, we instantly fell in love with this lifestyle.

I wanted to create as a way to share the knowledge of everything I've learned along the way. From wiring inverters, to feeling safe at night, we've dealt with it all.

So if you're new to Van Life and have questions, welcome to our adventure!


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About Me

For the past 15 years I’ve been a fancy, high stress pastry chef in the Pacific Northwest, slowly killing myself in the name of making money for other people.

After my last restaurant opening, I decided to hang up my chef coat in favor of writing, blogging, photography and more creative pursuits.

I’m certainly not rich by any means, but I’m learning the fine art of “Living With Less” and hope you’ll join me in taking that plunge.


The Van

Very exciting news!

As of September 2018, we have purchased a new(er) van and are currently in the process of fixing her up.

She is a 1990 Ford OKanagan which replaces our 1989 Ford Econoline.If you know anything about these vans, they are almost identical, except the new one has a camper body.

We are VERY excited she is a part of our family.

Web Hosting is EXPENSIVE

If you enjoy this site and want it to be around for future generations of van dwellers, please consider sending in a small donation.

We could spray paint your name on the side of our new van to show our thanks, but that wouldn’t be very stealthy, would it?

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