What to Consider When Searching For a Van to Live In

When it comes to finding the perfect new home for your #VanLife, there are a lot of different factors to consider.   Do you want something pre-built or do you feel comfortable converting a van to live in? Do you want something large and flashy like a brand new Class B Winnebago with all the … Read more

anyone can live in a van

Van Living – Not Just For Millennials

As I was logging into my Yahoo account to catch up on some emails this morning, I was sucked in to this article about the naming of generations. In particular, they were discussing the changing of when exactly the cut off to Generation X started, and where Millennials began. This has always been a murky … Read more

dropshipping with aliexpress is a scam

Dropshipping With AliExpress is a Scam

  Like most people on this planet, I would love to sit around all day sipping margaritas on the beach while Tom Hardy rubs me down with baby oil. Unfortunately, money does not grow on trees. I have bills to pay, and things that I would like to do that require a financial investment. That’s … Read more

Where Can I Sleep in My Van Legally?

Ok, so you have the van. It’s outfitted with all the coolest gadgets and you’re ready to make your fantasy Instagram dream a reality. There’s only one small problem… “Everywhere I look it says it’s illegal to park overnight, Help!” First of all, yes, it is illegal to park overnight in 99.9% of the spots … Read more

Cheap DIY Van Conversions For Your Tiny Home

The mission is clear. Get the heck out of your living situation and FAST. Maybe your roommate is a crazy person who flushes your socks down the toilet, or maybe you can’t stand your neighbors constant screaming.   One thing is for sure, van life has to happen immediately. Luckily, I can help! I’ve been … Read more

Staying Safe While Van Living

Not a fan of armed robbery? Me neither. Before moving into a van full time, I had a big problem with the thought of us being robbed in the night. The city we live in is known for rampant car theft, so naturally, I was concerned. We did our best to prepare ourselves before moving … Read more

How to Shower When You Live in a Van

We don’t often tell people about the fact that we live in a van because they usually jump to the conclusion that we are homeless or down on our luck. But when we do bring it up, the number one question we get asked is “How Do You Shower When You Live in a Van?“. … Read more

New to Van Living? Here’s 6 Ways Not to Freeze to Death

We have found that the best way to stay warm when living in a van is to have a small propane heater. This not only keeps us cozy in our vehicle, but it’s portable, doesn’t use up any electricity and best of all…it’s cheap. We are able to keep ourselves nice and toasty for about … Read more