The Hilarious Reality of #VanLife Youtubers

If you’ve been reading my posts on this blog at all, you know I have…feelings…about what I like to call:

The Instagram #VanLife Movement

I go back and forth on whether or not this is a good thing for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I’ve mentioned before in my Van Living- Not Just for Millenials post, that more people getting into this lifestyle means more items that will be created to make it easier.

My real life example of this is compact ovens. They’ve come a long way in just a few years.

When we first started, we looked everywhere for a tiny oven. We had a cooktop, but on the rare occasion I wanted to bake a lasagna, I wanted to be prepared. Since I’m chubby, preparing meals is a big deal to me.

But the thing was, we couldn’t find a small oven anywhere.

It wasn’t until everyone started talking about #vanlife as a huge social movement that they became more readily available. Sure, they’re crazy expensive right now, but that will change in time too once more companies see that people are actually buying the things.

With more people demanding these items, companies will be more than happy to keep pumping them out. As long as these kids have mom and dad’s money, the rest of us can reap those sweet rewards!

actual van life

Instagram #VanLife is Not Real

Where I start to see problems is with the kids who glorify it for fame.

There are people out there who are living in their vans because they have to, not because they want to. To those people, it’s about shelter and safety, not likes on Instagram.

It’s not a glamorous jet-setting life to them, and it kind of sucks that everyone seems to be portraying it that way.

not a realistic depiction of van life
Actual Van Life not pictured

There is nothing glamorous about peeing into a bottle with my pStyle stick at 4 am while my boyfriend sleeps inches behind me. Personally, I do it because I choose not to buy into a lifetime of debt disguised as “The American Dream”.

But Sparky, those kids have 60k Sprinters? Surely, they don’t pee in bottles…do they?

Who knows?

But, I’m guessing they don’t. I’m guessing they use that big expensive van to drive from place to place and take pictures in, but that’s about it.

And for 60k, it had better have a bathroom!

I stumbled onto a Youtuber today that had me almost peeing my pants, he was so funny. He just seems like a regular dude working on his own van build, but he “roasts” all these glorious #VanLife channels.

I had a lot to do today, and I accomplished exactly none of it because I can’t stop watching this guy.

This Justin Theroux look-alike is pointing out all the bullshit on these vlogs and has quickly become my new hero.

Now I’m not saying I’m doing it right and everyone else sucks because I certainly don’t need to live in a van.

I did choose this life, but I am not a rich millennial.

I wish I was, but I’m not. I’m just a regular person trying to make my way in this crazy world.

If you’re considering van life because of some romantic picture you saw on a t-shirt:


stealth van life

This life is not all surfboards and yoga.

It’s trying to park quietly on side streets.

And it’s pooping in bags.

So, so much pooping in bags.

2 thoughts on “The Hilarious Reality of #VanLife Youtubers”

  1. Hahaha really enjoyed this post… until I read the last two lines! That’s both hilarious and grot at the same time, geez must be really dedicated if you had to do that hahahaha, thanks for the informative and amusing post!

  2. most people are idiots and actually believe the bs they see on youtube/instagram etc. living in a van is like camping. Everyone’s been camping, its fun for a few days.

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