Stuff We Love

Living in a van is easy. Just buy a van, live in it, and boom! #VanLife!

But if you really want to be COMFORTABLE in your van and have it truly feel like home, you’re going to need to outfit it with some key items.

This page is going to be a running list of things that we have purchased, and love. Click on the corresponding link will take you to a site where you can view, or purchase those items. And yes, I do get a small commission if you make a purchase, but I’ll still like you if you don’t.

Happy #VanDwelling!


  1. Reflectix Foil Insulation–┬áThis stuff is VITAL to van life. Not just for insulation, but for window coverings as well.
  2. Cuddl Duds– The best damn under layers for women, that I’ve ever tried!
  3. Mr. Buddy Portable Propane Heater– Very popular Stealth Car Living heating option.
  4. Carbon Monoxide Detector– If you use the buddy heater, this will be a necessity.
  5. Solar Shower– A necessity if you don’t want to smell like death.
  6. Dr Bronner’s– A biodegradable soap that can be used for ANYTHING. Seriously, look it up. There’s a million uses.
  7. Deadbolt– This handy item secures your back door from outside.
  8. Vehicle GPS– Not the kind you use for navigation, but a small unit the you keep hidden inside your van that will always tell you its location.
  9. Deep Cycle Battery and Inverter– For your power needs!
  10. Small Camp Stove– We have this Coleman model.
  11. Toilet– For those “special” moments.
  12. Black Out Curtains– To keep outside light out, and inside light in!
  13. Small Solar Lights– Energy efficient way to get some interior lighting.
  14. Allstays Web App– Great way to track down stealth camp sites.
  15. CampChef Camp Stove– Don’t just heat from underneath, heat from ALL AROUND! Real Life home cooking, on the road.
  16. Goal Zero Yeti Solar Power Station– When you upgrade from the inverter and need a solar generator.
  17. 12 Volt Refrigerator– Keep your foods cold on less electricity.
  18. Rooftop Storage Box
  19. Compact Hand Crank Clothes Washer– For when you think laundromats can be “icky”.
  20. GPS– Now this one IS for navigation.
  21. 12 Volt Fan– Keep the air moving, less condensation.
  22. Solar Powered or Handcrank Light Source
  23. Multitool– So you can play out all your MacGuyver fantasies.
  24. Water Filter– Because no one wants to drink poop.

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